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Turkey Upset Stomach - Illness or Sickness Claim

Have you had your holiday to Turkey ruined by a dose of the Turkey trots, involving symptoms of food poisoning like sickness and diarrhoea?

Every year Simpson Millar handles hundreds of claims from British holidaymakers who suffered holiday food poisoning at Turkey’s holiday resorts through no fault of their own – and Simpson Millar wins maximum compensation for those affected by sickness and diarrhoea in Turkey.

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Why do holidaymakers get ill in Turkey?

Not all holidaymakers travelling to Turkey suffer from serious bouts of holiday food poisoning, but an outbreak is usually caused by lapses in hygiene and cleanliness at an hotel – or poor food preparation, involving undercooked meat, chicken or fish being served.

The popularity of the all inclusive package holiday means the hotel buffet is often the source for outbreaks of serious bacterial infections like salmonella, E.coli, campylobacter and Giardia Llambia in Turkey holiday resorts.

Food which is reheated or served more than once on the buffet can also lead to serious gastric infections among holidaymakers in Turkey – as well as food and drinks made with unpasteurised dairy products infected with salmonella, including homemade ice creams or even milk in coffee.

Sharing drinking water from communal jugs in the dining room is also another source of cross-contamination – as well as dirty serving spoons, tables in the dining room which are not wiped clean between guests and buffets which are open to insects, birds and small reptiles like lizards.

Hotel swimming pools or hot water tubs and Jacuzzis not kept clean and disinfected can also cause the parasitic infection cryptosporidium, which results in severe bouts of sickness and diarrhoea among holidaymakers.

What should I do about upset stomach on holiday in Turkey?

Report any incidences of poor hygiene and food preparation at your Turkey hotel to your holiday representative – and make sure you see a doctor or pharmacist and get some treatment for your symptoms, rather than ignore them.

Make notes about anything your representative tells you when you discuss your illness – and note whether any other holidaymakers are ill.

You should also take photos of possible sources of illness, such as undercooked meat or dirty swimming pools, to help support your claim.

You can also contact the UK Customer Services division for your tour operator while you are still on holiday if you feel well enough and report the illness to them – and keep all correspondence.

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Can I make a compensation claim if my Turkey holiday is ruined by upset stomach or food poisoning?

Under the 1992 Package Travel Regulations, tour operators have a duty to make sure guests do not become ill on package holidays through no fault of their own.

So if you suffered a dose of holiday food poisoning on a package holiday to Turkey, you should contact Simpson Millar’s Travel Claims Team on your return to the UK and find out about making a No win No fee claim for Turkey Holiday Illness compensation.

When you get back home from Turkey, see your GP for a diagnosis of the gastric infection you have suffered from – but even if you are not diagnosed with a specific infection but were still ill on your Turkey package holiday as a result of poor hygiene or food preparation at your hotel, Simpson Millar can help you make a claim for Turkey Holiday Illness compensation.

Simpson Millar has one of the UK’s leading holiday claims departments and we regularly take on major tour operators on behalf of clients who have fallen ill on package holidays to Turkey.

Contact us using the Freephone number or complete our online enquiry form and get your Turkey holiday food poisoning compensation claim underway today.