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Mexico Upset Stomach – Illness or Sickness Claims

Did holiday food poisoning result in your tummy doing its own Mexican wave while on holiday in Mexico?

More and more holidaymakers are falling ill with symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea while on package holidays to Mexico – and the popularity of the all inclusive buffet may be fuelling the rise in cases at popular resorts.

Food poisoning at Mexico holidays resorts is easy to prevent with good hygiene and food preparation – and yet every year Simpson Millar’s Travel Claims Team hears from hundreds of holidaymakers made ill through no fault of their own on package holidays to Mexico.

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What causes upset stomach in Mexico?

There are many reasons why upset stomach or food poisoning breaks out among holidaymakers at hotels and resorts in Mexico.

All inclusive buffets are commonly a source of holiday food poisoning, especially if meat, chicken and fish dishes are served undercooked – or dairy products like milk, cheese and eggs are infected with bacteria such as salmonella and have not been cooked thoroughly. Even milk in coffee can cause food poisoning if it is infected and not heated thoroughly before serving.

Dirty cups, glasses, cutlery and serving spoons, as well as table surfaces can also harbour bacteria – and dirty swimming pools can cause outbreaks of the parasitic infection cryptosporidium among holidaymakers.

Insects, birds and small reptiles like lizards accessing food or drinking water can also spread bacterial infections such as salmonella – and any buffets or restaurants where cats or dogs are allowed should be avoided.

Poor cleaning standards in guest rooms and bathrooms can lead to outbreaks of holiday illnesses like Norovirus – especially in a busy hotel with a quick turnaround among guests on package holidays.

What can I do if I am ill on holiday in Mexico?

Don’t ignore symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea on holiday in Mexico, as you may need antibiotics to clear the specific infection.

Report holiday illnesses like sickness and diarrhoea to your holiday representative – and see a doctor or pharmacist for medication to help ease the symptoms.

You can also contact the tour operator’s customer services department in the UK by email and report your illness in case you decide to make a claim for compensation when you return to the UK – take images of undercooked food, dirty public areas or swimming pools and keep copies of any correspondence or notes about any conversations with your holiday rep about your illness.

When you return home to the UK, you should see your GP who will take a stool sample and send it off to the laboratory for a diagnosis of the gastric infection you are suffering from.

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How do I make a claim for Mexico holiday food poisoning?

Even if you have not been diagnosed with a specific food poisoning germ but were ill with sickness and diarrhoea on a Mexico package holiday, contact Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Team for Free Initial Advice about making a No Win No Fee claims for compensation.

It may be that the particular hotel or resort you stayed at has a track record of outbreaks of illness – and our holiday claims team will be able to advise you once you have seen your GP.

Simpson Millar has one of the UK’s leading Holiday Claims departments and we accept Mexico holiday claims on a No win No fee basis – and win maximum compensation for our clients made ill with Mexico holiday food poisoning through no fault of their own.

Phone Simpson Millar today using our Freephone number or complete our online enquiry form to get your Mexico holiday illness claim underway.